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Watch Video: Adult movie star fears her illegal O-sized breasts could kill her
Source: Youtube
Date: 17-01-2014 Time: 09:01:34:am

An adult film star fears her banned breast implants will kill her after her breasts ballooned to an O cup.

Elizabeth Starr had now-illegal 'string' implants 15 years ago to boost her career - but says her life has been ruined by her super-sized chest.

Doctors have recommended she face a double mastectomy rather than live with her potentially fatal implants.

But the mother-of-two, who has endured a staggering 63 corrective procedures, says she can't face more surgery despite being at risk from blood clots and infection as it would mean the end of her career.

The 43-year-old glamour model whose breasts are still growing, said: 'I was basically the victim of an experiment and I've been paying the price for it ever since.

'Back then I had a family to support and I knew getting bigger boobs would boost my career prospects.'Now I live day to day worrying I might be struck down by infections or blood clots - it's ruined my life.'

Ms Starr, from Los Angeles, California, was already a 32F when she opted for the polypropylene string implants in 1999. The £3,000 procedure involved inserting synthetic string into the breasts to stimulate fluid production and growth.

But just a few days after the operation she began suffering complications.Ms Starr, said: 'My right breast was bright red and swollen and I felt weak and shaky. 'The surgeon cut some tissue away from the breast which he thought might be infected.

'But the infection gradually ate a hole in my right breast the size of a 10-pence piece.'The pain was unbearable.'

Elizabeth had the string implant removed from her right breast, however, the left one was already too embedded to be taken out.
She said: 'The way the implants work is they continue to grow inside you and become enmeshed in the breast tissue.

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